Lotus White

Lotus Wight is a solo performer, vocal stylist, and scholar of antiquity. Wight performs with astonishing virtuosity on banjo, guitar, jaw harp and instruments of his own invention including the contrabass harmoniphoneum. Lotus has performed in Copenhagen, The Shetland Islands, Istanbul and Guelph, Ontario.

In the decades that book-ended the turn of the millennium, young Lotus worked as a member of an itinerant square dance band, garnering invaluable experience touring the Eastern and Southern United States; now he would play, learn and perform with all manner of folk musicians in the styles over which he had obsessed as a child. Wight was at home in a cohort of fiddlers, banjo players, singers, dance callers, folk artists, longshoremen, riverboat captains, blacksmiths, basket-weavers and instrument makers.

Lotus is known for his skill as a workshop presenter, having taught at Augusta Heritage Centre in Elkins West Virginia, Algoma Trad Camp, and Jenny Whiteley's Old School Bluegrass Camp.

Wight's workshops in hambone body percussion and jaw-harp have provided education and delighted audiences of all ages, teaching collaborative music skills and rhythm to school children and music students and corporate groups around the world.




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Lotus Wight captures with his voice the melting pot that is American music; Tin Pan Alley, old-time songs, early country and folk tunes all reside within him and emerge in smoky plumes while he performs with true emotion, skill and reverence. Director Doug Williams-Fraggle Rock, Mr Dressup, T&T

To watch Wight perform is to hear the call of the parlors, the dance floors, and work places of nineteenth and twentieth century America; a page from a book that has disappeared from recent memory and been replaced by the portable screen and mp.3 files. Director Barney Wornoff-Superpopular Show, Corner Gas Animated

The flinty spine of the American vernacular is fully audible in the undertones of Lotus' unique voice. Antique and inviting, he gives shelter from the modern storm with ancient strains of song and string. Candace Shaw-Administrator, Secret Frequency

Equal parts Bessie Smith and Tiny Tim with a dashes of Josh Thomas, Nick Lucas and Gary Davis. Steve Prichard- Disc Jockey CIUT, Toronto

There are unsubstantiated hearsay of Wight's parentage; rumours that he is the illegitimate offspring of American singer/guitarist Elizabeth Cotton and French singer Jacques Brel are yet to be proven. Lester Moncrief

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  • May 5, Black Horse Tavern
  • May 8, private benefit for Swiss Boy's Whistling Choir
  • May 11, Phog Lounge, Windsor, Ont
  • May 12, Arrowwood Farm, London, Ont
  • May 13, Castro's Lounge, Toronto, Ont
  • May 24, Golden Plough Lodge, Cobourg, Ont
  • May 25, Longtooth Beverage Company, Sterling, Ontario 4pm
  • May 26, Silver Bean Cafe, Peterborough, Ontario 12pm
  • May 28, Ladies Auxiliary Sewing Circle Luncheon, Parry Sound, Ont
  • June1-3 On tour The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Procter in Manotick and Chelsea
  • June 8, 9 Goodlot Brewery
  • June 16, Lang Heritage Museum, Lang, Ont 12 pm
  • June 20-July 25, Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, UK tour with The Complete Recordings of Hezekiah Proctor
  • July 27,28 on tour with Glenny Caradus in Algonquin Park
  • July 30 Elmhirst's Resort 7pm
  • August 2 The Cardinal, Trenton, Ontario
  • August 3, Blue Skies Banjo Workshop
  • August 4, The Silver Bean Cafe, Peterborough, Ont
  • August 9-11, Thunder Bay with Lonesome Ace String-band
  • August 17-18, Goodlot Brewery
  • August 23 Docfest, Peterborough, Ont
  • September 6, Golden Plough Lodge
  • September 14, 15 Sheesham and Lotus private engagement
  • September 21, Virginia United Church, Virginia, Ont
  • September 22, Stone Hall Concert Series, Madoc, Ont
  • September 25, Sheesham, Lotus and Son at Hugh's Room
  • September 28, Mile End Guitars, Montreal, Quebec


Lotus Wight Keeps the Bee, Hoes the Row

There is an old saying in the music business regarding the release of debut records; when you're releasing the first, you should be working on the second as a close follow-up. In this post-album world of likes and hits, the post-pandemic, post-Spotify Lotus Wight has taken the opposite approach.

The interim has provided much to do. Raising children, scoring film, embracing the lock-down and supporting his partner through school has kept him busy.

His 2017 debut, the boldly titled Ode to the Banjo, complete with a twenty-stanza poem about the instrument's journey across the Atlantic garnered critical acclaim and a nomination for Best Instrumental Folk Album at the CFMAs.

“I think working with James Stephens was critical to the success of that record,” says Lotus from his studio on Little Lake in Peterborough. “James is an amazing musician which really informs his sensibility in the studio. He really knows and lives traditional music. I got to know James during my time teaching at Algoma Trad Camp.”

Wight is now preparing to record his sophomore effort; a collection of original works for banjo and voice.

“I have contributed songs to other projects but this will be the first time I have a full album ready to go.” Lotus is referring to his years playing banjo with international touring retro-nauts, Sheesham. Lotus and Son, with whom he co-produced five albums.

“Thematically, I would say it's biographical, and I guess it's hard to be an old-time musician and not have a 'times ain't like they used to be' sort of song on there...I fall under the auspices of the 'old-time' genre but in the end they are folk songs, plain and simple.”

Wight has worked many songwriters over the years such as Jenny Whiteley, Kristine Schmitt, John Southworth, Dave Tough, Marker Starling, Li'l Andy, Chris Coole, Tiny Davis, Luther Wright, David Newland, Jon Stancer Ira Ross Thomas, and Sarah Harmer.

“I have so many friends whom I consider to be amazing songwriters and it is something that I have quietly done for years.”

The new album, Keep the Bee, Hoe the Row will be available in Autumn of 2024.